Being able to wake up to a exceptional view of the water, and the smell of fresh air are just some of the reasons people naturally gravitate towards waterfront homes. 

Living on the water has incredible benefits. Below are some of the top benefits of living on the water and in Columbus, Ohio we have options...


Being close to a body of water and hearing the relaxing noise of the waves colliding can bring a sense of mental tranquility. Immersing yourself in the calming waters can often bring a change from more active brainwaves to theta brainwaves. This can allow for not only a more relaxed state of mind, but it can also allow for more creative juices to start flowing.  

Health Benefits  

There are a number of health benefits to be taken advantage of when living at your waterfront home. 

The way nature works is so fascinating; we see the different types of trees, the sun and clouds in the sky. We see the number of soils on the ground that help provide us with essentials to survive but knowing how some of these things work can give a better understanding of why living on the water is healthy for anyone. 

Here are benefits to be known about living on the water: 

  • Fresh Air 

When the air you breathe in is exposed to water such as the ocean or a lake it is charged with a perfect number of negative ions. Breathing in this type of fresh air can help the body absorb more oxygen. When stress levels are high, fresh air is craved, and this is because of the improved balance of serotonin which helps with mood and stress. 

  • Immunity and White Blood Cell Count 

Forestry gives off chemicals that when breathed in by humans it increases our white blood cell count. This is heightened when the trees and other plants are surrounded by the stunning blue waters. White blood cells are responsible for fighting off infectious diseases and any invader our body suspects to be foreign and harmful. A low white blood count can come from stress. Fresh air plus nature's beautiful scenery that surrounds the water will leave us feeling a sense of calm and increase our WBC count; a win-win.  

  • Live longer

Living on the water motivates people to get outdoors and be active by doing activities that include walking along the shore and watching the stunning sunrise, water sports and more. Exercise is a great way to increase life expectancy.  

  • Happiness is good for the soul 

“Blue Mind” is the term referred to as the meditative state our brain enters during times of exposure to the water. This actually floods the brain with a hormone known as dopamine otherwise known as the feel-good hormone. This in turn leaves people near the water feeling happy. 

  • Improved Sleep 

As mentioned previously, the water gives the mind a sense of relaxation unlike anything else. Being in a state of relaxation should be able to put anyone to sleep! The sound of the crashing waves and the trees swaying is our own personal white noise machine; an added benefit, it is free of charge!

Resale Value

When home buyers are looking for a property, something to keep in mind is the resale value. A home's resale value is the amount expected as the asking price if it were to go ever back on the market. Waterfront homes are typically found to be valued 45% higher than those homes not located on the water. Waterfront homes can be sold anywhere from $250 per square foot to over $600 per square foot in Columbus.

There are a plethora of reasons these homes with a stunning view, a place to put the boat and lay on the dock sell for more. Some of the reasons listed include:

  • Water: when there is a home located near a body of high quality higher, the value increases.
  • Access to water: features that include a sliding door opening up to the water, a short pathway to the water can boost the resale value.
  • BOAT Docks: this allows for easy boating access and fishing.


This may not include all waterfront homes such as the ones you would find in Miami and L.A but choosing a more private location, can bring homeowners plenty of privacy. Deciding to go to the riverfront may leave you with neighbors on either side but the distance between one another will be greater than those of city living. Factoring in the tall mature trees and added greenery around the properties for added privacy while enjoying an afternoon on the dock or boathouse.